Living Environment

Living Environment

Course Description

Recommended Grade Level: 10

Labs Required: 30

Prerequisites: A good Life Science background

Regents Credit: Yes

Credit Earned: 1

Many of the concepts, processes, terms and skills contained in the Regents Biology course are incorporated into the Living Environment. Laboratory skills include; use of tools for measurement, microscope skills, laboratory safety, observation of plant and animal specimens, electrophoresis, chromatography, DNA technologies, use of indicator solutions and dichotomous keys. The course contains in depth study of: (1) Similarities and Differences Among Living organisms, (2) Homeostasis, (3) Genetics, (4) Reproduction and Development, (5) Evolution, (6) Ecology, (7) Human Impact on Ecosystems, (8) Scientific Inquiry. Several students constructed extended laboratory investigations and long-term investigations are done to reinforce the techniques and methods of scientific inquiry. Results of these inquiries are written in formal lab report.
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