Community Service

Community Service

Community Service Graduation Requirement

The Cherry Valley-Springfield Board of Education requires fifteen (15) hours of Community Service as a prerequisite for high school graduation.

Community Involvement Guidelines:  

  • Activities to accumulate hours are to commence at the beginning of the student’s Sophomore year and must be completed prior to the last Board of Education Meeting in May of their graduation year.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to have completed 10 hours of the 15 hours by the end of their Junior year.

  • No monetary compensation (pay, tips) may be accepted.

  • Students may not ask to do activities for relatives, friends or private businesses owned by relatives or friends.

  • ALL activities must be tracked on the Community Service Record Form.

  • Completion of the Community Service Activities are the student’s responsibility.  Failure to complete the requirement will bar the student from graduation.

  • Activities are to be conducted within the general Cherry Valley-Springfield area, unless otherwise approved.

  • Pre-approved activities include:  Any work done for Community Service organizations such as the Fire Departments, Libraries, Town or Village offices, etc.  Volunteer work at hospitals, nursing homes, or senior care homes. Youth community athletic programs. Church related activities.  Work for any non-profit organizations such as the Salvation Army, Red Cross, United Way, Head Start, etc. Fundraising events for nonprofit organizations such as Relay for Life, March of Dimes Walk-a-thon, etc.

  • Any other activities that are not listed above will need pre-approval.  Check with the Counseling Office prior to starting the activity.

  • Students are not allowed to conduct community service during the regular school day, unless otherwise approved.  

  • For each activity, you must acquire the signature and contact information of the supervising adult.

  • After completion of these 15 hours of Community Service the student must present at a Board of Education (BOE) meeting. Meetings follow a Board of Education calendar, and take place usually once a month on Thursdays at 7 p.m. in Room 145.

    • State their name

    • What they did for Community Service

    • What they learned from the experience

    • Future plans

  • The Counseling Office will be the home base for Community Service.  Community individuals and/or groups may contact the Counseling Office to request work to be completed.

    • All paperwork and scheduling to present at Board of Education meetings will take place within the Counseling Office.

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