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Health Office

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Rebecca Meehan, RN - School Nurse

phone - (607)-264-3218 Ext. 514

fax - (607)-203-3772

email - [email protected]

Heather Fargo, PA - School Medical Provider

Essential Health Documents

This chart depicts the immunizations that are REQUIRED for your child to begin school for the 2023-2024 school year.
REQUIRED Form - to be completed by a private health care provider or the school medical director.
To be completed for new entering students.
Although not required, this certificate is incredibly helpful in maintaining your student's dental health.
This form must be completed and signed by both a parent/guardian and your student's primary care provider before your student may receive medications in school.
This form is required in order for a student to independently use and carry emergency medications.

FAQ's NYS Required Health Examination Form -Link Below

Good Information

This chart depicts the illnesses that would require that your child not participate in school activities until the symptoms had subsided.

Concussion Recognition and Recovery

CDC Heads Up Concussion Training
This short video training (designed for coaches and parents) covers information for how to prevent, recognize, and assist in recovery for concussion injuries.
NFHS Student Concussion training
This short video training is geared to provide students with more information on how to prevent, recognize, and properly recover from a concussion.
This document contains the new guidelines governing the management of concussion injuries in the school setting.
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