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SchoolTool - Parent Portal - Quick Reference Guide

SchoolTool supported internet browsers are Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

NOTE:  Do NOT use the Internet browser’s back button while in SchoolTool as this will cause an error message to appear.  There is also no double clicking in SchoolTool.

Getting Started:  Go to your district’s URL at

Logging in:

  • Enter your username (this is your email address) & password (this is contained in the initial email sent to you by your district).

Once you are logged in you will see the Home>My Home view by default and any of your children that you have Parent Portal access to listed.

To change your password:

  1. Once you are logged in, click on the Accounts tab.

  1. Enter the Old Password – which is the password that was sent to you by the district.

  1. Enter a New Password and then enter it again in the Confirm field

  1. Click on Change Password when finished.

Below is a list of common icons you may see throughout the system:

Select icon – use this icon to view additional information on your child.

Parent Portal Access – this indicates the guardian has parent portal access.

Email – select this icon to send an email to the person.  The email will come from your account email.

Primary guardian – indicates primary guardian.

Receives mail – this person will receive mailings/reports sent from district.

Pick up – this person is allowed to pick up your child.

Print or Report

Medical Alert – if the student has a medical alert, hover the mouse over the icon to view the alert information.

Help – when you click on this icon it will give you more information about the screen you are currently on.

Custom Flag – the district can create any color flag for any information they want – hover the mouse over the flag to view information.

Done – this icon will return you to the previous screen.

Click on the Select icon next to your child to view additional information.

You will see your child’s basic information in the top portion of the screen and a set of tabs across the bottom portion of the screen.  The information and tabs available are set by your district. Below is an example of what it may look like.

Click on each tab to view the information:

Contacts – any contacts associated with your child, along with icons (see icon descriptions above) for each person listed.

Schedule – displays your child’s schedule.  Here you can also print the schedule (the print option is set by the district as to whether it is available or not).  Typically there are two view options: standard view or grid view.

Attendance – shows all Daily and Course attendance.

Grades – shows all courses and grade information.

Assessments – displays a list of 3-8 assessments and any district User Defined Assessments.

Assignments – displays any assignments the teacher has given view access to for the selected marking period.

Letters – displays any Attendance letters that were sent home by the district.

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