Capital Project

Capital Project


 Capital Project Update ~ October 2018

The SED project manager has approved the project and we can start preparing the project for bidding.   A tentative construction schedule will be developed with the majority of the work scheduled during the summer.

2018-19 $100,000 Capital Outlay Project ~ October 2018 

Project kick-off meeting is on November 1st.  Doors are scheduled to be delivered in November with work to start second shift in December.  

High School Gym ~ August 2018 

The High School gym floor has been resurfaced.  New LED lights will be installed this fall.

Capital Project Update ~ August 2018

We received confirmation that the architectural review has been completed by SED. The project is now under engineer review. Timetable looks like October now for approval.

2018-19 $100,000 Capital Outlay Project ~ July 2018

Five sets of exterior doors will be replaced; elementary entrance, playground entrance, HS wing entrance, MS wing entrance and guidance office wing entrance. Bids have been accepted. Working with contractor for installitaion dates.

Fuel Tank Project ~ June 2018

Project is complete and new fuel tank is working great.

2017-18 $100,000 Capital Outlay Project ~ June 2018

Fifty interior doors were installed throughout the building in classrooms, elementary and HS gyms, locker rooms, and cafeteria. 



How was the decision made to Proceed with a Capital (Building) Project?

Every five years, schools in New York State are mandated to complete a Building Condition Survey. CV-SCS retained Griffith Dardanelli, an architectural firm, to complete the survey the fall of 2015.  The Building Condition Survey studied every aspect our building and grounds, determining any areas that had exceeded their “useful life’, or would within a few years exceed their “useful life.”

In developing the scope of this proposed capital project, the Board of Education and its Building Committee used the data in the Building Condition Survey to determine what should be included in the project that we are now proposing.

In order to continue to protect our district’s investments in our school, and in accordance with the Building Condition Survey, several improvements need to be made to the building and grounds so that our school can continue to provide a safe and efficient learning environment for our community well into the future.

What is the Proposed Cost of the Project?

The proposed cost of the project is $3,120,000. The cost includes all costs associated with the project, including design costs, construction management costs, fees, incidentals, and actual construction costs.  

How will the Project Be Funded?

Cherry Valley-Springfield School’s State Building Aid Ratio is 81.5%.  This means that any part of the capital project that is aidable will be aidable at that percentage. Our project is all aidable items. The District has $97,470 remaining in EXCEL aid, which can be applied to specific parts of the project that address capacity, energy, accessibility, health, safety, and educational technology. The District also intends to use $460,700 of capital reserve to the project to reduce local share

With the use of EXCEL aid and capital reserve, the district will need to issue bonds to fund the remaining $2,564,830.  As the bonds are repaid over a period of fifteen years, the principal and interest will be offset by state aid calculated at the percentage noted above (81.5%).  The unpaid portion of the expense is referred to as the “local share”, which will be, on average, $24,338 per year.  An estimated average annual impact per $100,000 full value property will be $5.26.


Project Highlights

Main Building:

  • Exterior masonry & steel restoration

  • Reconstruct atrium curtain wall and platform steps

  • Bracing at roof deck and at interior walls

  • Add water isolation valves

  • Improve kitchen (cafeteria) drainage

  • Replace restroom plumbing

  • Address classroom air intake

  • Improve air condition in offices

  • Improve HVAC isolation and controls

  • Improve lighting in the HS gym

  • Replace septic tank

Transportation Building:

  • Improve storm water site drainage

  • Replace overhead doors at the bus wash bay

  • Improve accessibility - exterior and interior

  • Reconstruct concrete pad & replace fuel oil tanks

  • Replace electrical receptacles at interior columns

  • Improve bus wash infiltration system

  • Replace heaters in the bus wash bay

  • Repair bus “pit” walls

  • Address rust on columns and on bus lift

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