BOE Goals

BOE Goals

Cherry Valley – Springfield Central School District District

Goals 2017 – 2019

Mission:  By working together, the Cherry Valley-Springfield school community will provide the foundation for success that every individual needs for a lifetime.

Culture, Climate & Community Engagement

Improve student achievement by cultivating an organizational culture that nurtures and sustains collaboration, trust, respect, learning and high expectations.

    Essential Objectives:

  1. Develop understanding of communication deficiencies to improve internal and external communications.

  2. Foster a culture and learning environment where respect and acceptance are modeled by all and conducive to a positive experience

Academic Program

Improve student achievement by cultivating and supporting a vision for learning through comprehensive, rigorous and coherent curriculum and high quality instruction

Essential Objective:

  1. Provide cognitively-engaging, learner-centered instruction and content with implementation of applicable state / national standards

Building & Grounds

Improve student achievement by successfully maintaining facilities which are clean, safe, conducive to learning, and welcoming to the community

Essential Objectives:

  1. Future-proof facilities to provide capacity to meet the demands of 21st century learners

  2. Provide operational support, services and physical capacity to meet the varied needs of the district

Financial Planning

Improve student achievement by ensuring strong fiscal health to support high quality programs

Essential Objectives:

  1. Multi-year financial planning

  2. Continuous review of programs and operations to ensure cost effectiveness and provide funding opportunities to support program needs and enhancements

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