CV-S Announces Class of 2022 Valedictorian & Salutatorian

Valedictorian: Oskar Webster
Oskar Webster, this year’s valedictorian, has proven to be an extraordinary student whose
academic prowess is one that most educators only see a few times in their career. He is wise
beyond his years and a true leader. He has always embraced every opportunity to challenge
himself both in and outside the classroom. This past school year Oskar participated in the
selective New Visions Engineering Program at the Otsego Area Occupational Center. Through
this innovative program, Oskar further enhanced his professional and personal skills.
Oskar is also a student-athlete at Cherry Valley-Springfield (CV-S) and has shared his
talents, as a three sport athlete, on our courts and fields. His participation in sports and many
student organizations at CV-S has enriched our school community. Oskar’s coaches have
described him as a respectful, quiet leader who is dedicated to his teammates. Oskar’s humble
and diligent nature make him someone his peers can look up to, and he is a leader in our school
There is no doubt that Oskar will continue to excel after he leaves CV-S and will
certainly do amazing things. Oskar plans to attend Williams College in the fall where he will
begin his post secondary studies.

Salutatorian: Marijke Kroon
Marijke Kroon is a highly motivated student who is devoted to learning and has
consistently challenged herself academically. Her innate intellectual curiosity, and goal oriented
nature, has led her to take the most rigorous courses that Cherry Valley-Springfield has to offer.
Whether in her AP, college, or Senior High Band courses, Marijke has always set the highest
standards for herself and has achieved her ambitious goals with determination and tenacity. Her
exceptional intellectual energy and her unwavering commitment to academic excellence, makes
her a natural leader in our school.
Marijke is also a leader on our sports teams. She has been a three sport athlete for the
entirety of her high school career. Whether on the field, or on the sidelines, she is known as a
supportive, attentive and approachable leader. This was most evident during her time as Captain
of the Varsity Girls Basketball team for the 2021-2022 season. Furthermore, Marijke participates
in many of our clubs and organizations including Foreign Language Club, Varsity Club, and
Iridescence, the school’s art and literary magazine.
It is clear that Marijke will continue to reach her goals in college and beyond. She plans
to study Veterinary Science at the State University of New York at Canton next fall.

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