Global History l & ll

Recommended Grade Level:  9-10

Prerequisites:  Global 1 - None; Global ll - Global l

Regents Credit:  Yes

Credit Earned: 1 Each


PLEASENOTE:  This is a complete change in program from the course formerlyknown as Global Studies.  The two-year course in Global History is noworganized topically and chronologically.  Grade 9 includes unitscovering Geography, Economics, political Systems, Culture, AncientCivilizations, World Religions, Empires and the Middle Ages.  The Grade10 course focuses on the Renaissance, Reformation, Exploration, theGlobal Age, Enlightenment and Revolution, industrialism, imperialism,Modern Warfare, and The World since 1945.  The course uses chronologicaltime periods and relates those time periods and events to the worldregions of Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Latin America, the MiddleEast, Western Europe, and the former Soviet Union.

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